Wednesday, February 15, 2006

wolves in the Vatican, gay lollipops, and a side of rage.

Am already beginning to wonder if I have the mental resources/time for this blog-- am working two jobs, plus my writing commitments and my kids. I'm tired, damn it, and so far I haven't really managed to contribute anything of great import to the blogverse. And so far I doubt anyone's reading (not that I'd blame them at this point).

But on a local level, I note that yesterday was stunningly irritating. I had to go to the teacher's lounge in Main first thing in the frozen morning (by way of explanation, the high school I teach at is so large that the administration uses golf carts to get around; I work on West campus, so that's a major haul). I was told all teachers had to check their boxes in Main to pick up the "candy-grams" that students had sent each other, and then distribute said sugary valentines first period.

I was quite irked to discover I'd trucked all the way over to Main with my lips going numb for one freaking Tootsie Pop/card combo, but that was nothing compared to my rage when I overheard another teacher (male, teaches Welding) complaining that he received several same-sex candy-grams, and that he didn't want to hand them out.

What. The. Fuck. It's just a goddamn lollipop. Get over your idiotic, prejudiced self. Is it of note that said teacher is black? Perhaps, considering what other bloggers (cf Pam's House Blend, etc.) have noted concerning the widespread homophobia in the black community. At any rate, it pissed me off royally, but I bit my tongue and stalked off, because I was about to be late for first period.

And then, later in the day, I was mad at myself for not ripping him a new one and just being late.

Shortly thereafter, I found out that another teacher, a kind, sweet lady (one who really deserves the term "Christian") who teaches Bible History, is being investigated for "spreading Pagan propaganda." Once I picked my jaw up off the floor-- because there is nothing more patently ludicrous than this devout Catholic lady doing any such thing-- I asked her what the deal was.

It seems that the fact that we even have a Bible History class at this (public) school isn't enough to satisfy the Christian Taliban, nor the fact that we have no fewer than four Christian clubs. Apparently, some of the kids in her class right now are uber-evangelical, and have taken offense to her *mentioning* The DaVinci Code in a discussion, even though she clearly stated that it was a work of fiction. Now there's a parent coming to watch her class, and they're also ticked that this teacher, at least, understands the fact that it's a history class and will not let the gits evangelize during it.

It's a bloody wonder I haven't been investigated yet. I'm not taking off my pentacle, and I'm not changing the way I teach British Literature. If they succeed in stomping out diversity and free thought in the schools (more so than they have already, especially here), we're all doomed.

Bah. I need a cookie.


At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You can bet that if it was some liberal student offended at the mention of some rightwing screed and the school was investigating, it would have been all over Fox News OMG THE COMMUNISTS ARE TAKING OVER OUR SCHOOLS CHRISTMAS IS BANNED RUN FOR THE HILLS!! OMG!!!


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