Tuesday, January 31, 2006

First post, and a good spot for the rationale behind the blog.

I've got several years invested in Livejournal under another name, but that space is primarily a function of my participation in online fandom as a writer/fangirl of Lord of the Rings, and it is inextricably bound up as a social space where I'm pleased to say I've made many wonderful friends from all over the world. However, in the context of that space, I'm only comfortable talking about the mundane details of my day ("had toast-- the marmalade was terribly disappointing") or fandom things. The social expectations of fandom are complex, and although it's my LJ and I'm perfectly free to voice different opinions (and, in fact, have rather a reputation for so doing), the inevitable fallout is tiresome to deal with.

So this is a space for me to think out loud about current issues, politics, spirituality, and whatever else strikes my fancy, with absolutely no self-editing going on.

And because that all sounds rather stuffy, I did not have toast this morning, and I am sad about it.


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